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GVDŠ language is centered on our brand's distinctive design language and silhouettes, reflecting our dedication to presenting a unique design perspective in Africa. Drawing inspiration from our Creative Director Muktar Onifade's engineering background, we merge craftsmanship and technical expertise to address intricate engineering challenges and craft a style that distinguishes GVDŠ. This approach resonates with our customers, reinforcing our brand identity and setting us apart in the market

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Discover our Adinka symbols jewelry collection, showcasing new and unique options that exude elegance and distinction. From our 925 silver power/wealth earrings embellished with a metal pearl and 5A CZ stones, to our classic GVDŠ symbol chain with Swarovski and moissanite diamonds and multi-color enamel, and our all-silver metal stone pearls available in 925 silver and 18k coated gold, our collection is sure to capture your attention.

GVDŠ infinite gemstone necklace

GVDŠ Infinite Gemstone Necklace: A Tribute to 'ORITOKÉ,' blending Yoruba regality with determined elegance. Four bezel shapes, six captivating colors, adorned with Ghanaian Adinkra symbols. Meticulously crafted in rhodium or 18k gold, featuring 5A zirconia diamonds. Choose from custom diamonds with rhodium or real gold accents for a bespoke touch

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GVDŠ Tote Bag

Architectural Elegance in Every Detail. Signature Structure, Luxurious Calf Skin, and Distinctive Design Features.